Fireplace Furnace chamber

Plate and cast iron hearth furnace chambers offer a wide range of clients.

Fermikulit lining of steel furnace chambers:

- 7-8 kW
- Steel frame
- Fermikulitbélés-high heat storage
- 150 mm chimney smoke is also a small bone

Technical chambers:


Pantherm 62

Pantherm 68

Pantherm 80

Pantech 68 EVO

Pantech 80 EVO

Pantech 110

ZRT + professional furnace chambers:

- High technical level of development
- Outside air supply
- Perpetual furnace chambers
- A "clean glass" air flushing system, glassl

Hungarian iron deposits:

- Sound quality
- Built-in valve
- Smoke socket 160/190 mm small chimney is
- Available with chrome rezezett and antique doors with frame and fittings